MOB Crash Maneuver


Cruising yachts are mostly sailed by couples and are essentially short-handed when it comes to making vigorous sailing maneuvers. When a crewmember goes overboard, it is always at the worst time and completely unexpected. It means that the reaction time to start the correct maneuver is typically not good.
There is a method of man over board recovery that works in all situations and requires only one crew member and no sail trimming – it is called the crash stop.

Follow with MOB drawing 

The maneuver sequence is as follows:

One person alone can do this entire maneuver: it stops the boat close to the MOB which is good for morale and allows you to speak to him/her.
Hove to is a maneuver that can be used for reefing, in heavy weather or just stopping for lunch without dropping the sails and of course for MOB.