Docking Your Boat


Leaving a dock or coming into one can be a display of good seamanship. Or it can turn out to be an experience of major embarrassment or, worse, of boat damage. And usually, when the latter happens, they are plenty of people around witnessing your major screw up and shaking their head in disbelief. Dare say it never happened to you :-)

Here are some simple guidelines to avoid being embarrassed and/or be in the statistics of the charter company's insurance policy.

As in most seamanship topics, the key words are: PREPARATION and SLOW. Boaters coming full throttle to a dock are guaranteed of one thing: catastrophe! I have seen some situations with large powerboats, where a botched docking left part of the marina looking like Pearl Harbor.

Leaving the Dock (Boat Parked in a Slip)



Coming Back Into a Slip

Look, we've all messed up here, one day or another. So relax, do not white-knuckle, and if you miss, no big deal. Just start over and do it again.


Doing it

Coming to a Regular Dock (Fuel Dock for Ex.)

Everything above remains the same, except:

Well, that is about all there is to it!