Second-Tier Charter Boat Fleets


For most owners, when it is time to phase-out a boat from a 1st tier charter fleet, in particular the large charter companies, the decision is often made to join a 2nd tier fleet, i.e. a company making a business of chartering older boats, typically boats between 5 and 10 years old.

At this point, we, owners, need to compare the maintenance program and reputation records of these companies, but also the financial packages they offer. And because we often come from a company like Moorings or Sunsail, which offers a simple concept - fixed guaranteed income and no expenses at all - the management contracts offered by 2nd-tier companies are not very simple to compare.

That is why we have put together this comparison spreadsheet which allows to immediately evaluate the financial aspects of each one of them, and compare them at the end.

NOTE: This worksheet does not give actual figures for each company. That would be impossible because they are a constant moving target. Instaed, this file is a comprehensive template with a list of a al items that should be on each charter companies' proforma (up to 4 companies. Once those fields are served, the summary sheet gives a full comparison of the income statements side by side.

The file is called: 2nd-Tier Charter Fleets Financial Comparison sheet