Yacht Phase-Out Punch List

This is in no way a comprehensive list, but can be used by the owner as a guideline for a pre-inspection before the professional survey. Besides, this list does NOT address inventory items which must be checked separately. The surveyor will only inventory safety items.

On Deck
  • Rigging (must be inspected aloft by Surveyor or professional rigger)
  • Windlass functioning properly both ways. Connections on remote control sticky?
  • Chain rollers OK/bent
  • Anchor chains (primary and secondary) in good shape/rusted
  • Leaks from the anchor well to the boat bilge thru the bulkhead
  • Flex on the deck
  • Main hoisting easy, or very hard
  • Mainsail furling system (if applicable) working smoothly
  • Foresail furling system working smoothly, or very hard
  • Reefing system working
  • Lazy jacks OK
  • Sails torn, stretched
  • Leak at the base of the mast
  • Winches working smoothly
  • Stanchions and lifelines, swim ladders, OK
  • All halyards, sheets, docking lines in decent shape
  • Foresail sheets correct size
  • Hatches working properly? Any leaks?
  • All deck electronics: Loch speedo, wind indicator, Auto Pilot, GPS repeater, etc... in working order?
  • All deck lights, navigation lights working
  • Cockpit table opening properly
  • Shore power working when connected? Battery charger working
  • Deck shower working? Leaking?


Will be surveyed but:

  • Starting fine? Overheating after 2 hours of use? Black smoke? Oil pressure check
  • Engine maintenance log checked. Try to detect repeating problems.
  • Transmission: Fwd/Astern control lever working fine?
  • Oil analysis, by engine specialist. Not all surveyors will do that, so you muct ask the surveyor to contract the engine guy.

Cosmetic Items

  • Bimini / dodger: need stitching? Color very faded? Zippers working?
  • Mail sail cover torn?
  • Nicks and scratches on the hulls
  • Brightwork in decent shape?
  • Cushions decent?

Under Water

  • Zincs at the prop shaft
  • Blisters, osmosis on hull and/or rudder (survey item)
  • Any crack just forward of the keel - we hope not... 

Down Below

  • All leaks and smells
  • Bilges rather dry or with black water?
  • Heads / showers / drains, working properly?
  • Connection holding tanks if boat brought back to the US?
  • Electric panel in working order?
  • Inverter (if applicable) working?
  • All electronics in working order: VHF, GPS, Bluetooth, wifi
  • Stove and gas connections
  • Hatches working properly? Any leaks?
  • Upholstery/cushions/linen decent?
  • Original boat inventory entirely checked?
  • Upholstery/cushions/linen decent?
  • Original boat inventory entirely checked?


  • General aspect
  • Dinghy (if applicable): air leaks?
    • Outboard starting OK?
    • Spitting water properly?
    • Paddles in dinghy
    • Anchor with rope
    • Air pump
    • Gas tank
  • Anchor with chain: Rusted?