Calculation and Navigation Aids


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These simple spreadsheets will help your navigation during your charter.

  1. Two short calculation spreadsheets to help you compute instantly your speed, distance and navigation time for your navigation.

  2. Instant computation of a storm Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA): You are chartering in the Caribbean (or elsewhere) and you hear this weather forecast of a tropical wave or some storm currently at longitude 50W and moving west at 15mph. YOU are sitting now at longitude 64W. Quick: When will the storm be over your area? This very simple abacus will tell you instantly!

Note: Both files are built with MS Excel™. 

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  1. Thanks to Don Cornelius: a spreadsheet-based simple True or Mag course calculator. This file is FREE.

Note: These sheets are for navigation estimation ONLY! Please always confirm with other navigational tools.